ALICE Community Potluck and Education Dinner

Are you ALICE? Have you met her? – Community Potluck and Education Dinner

“Everyone knew Alice. Alice was a sister or a neighbor. She was the woman in the coffee shop or the clerk in the shoe store. For a few, she was the face in the mirror.”- Lesia Winiarskyj, Harbor News Contact Reporter. ALICE represents the “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed”. She has a household income above the Federal Poverty Level, but below a basic cost-of-living threshold. In Connecticut, 25 percent of our population is ALICE. One in four families. Walk down your street, count 3 houses, the forth is probably ALICE. Yes, here in Killingworth too.

The Killingworth Women’s Organization was contacted by the Shoreline Basic Needs Task Force’s Affordable Housing Committee to inquire about adding Killingworth to their First Thursday Dinners.  They are doing community dinner discussions within ten shoreline towns throughout the year. The first Thursday of each month a new town is represented. They have already held discussions in Old Saybrook, Clinton, Westbrook, Madison, Chester, Old Lyme, Essex, and soon Deep River.  The Killingworth Community Potluck, ALICE Education Dinner, will be held on the First Thursday in May: May 4th, 6-8pm in the KES Auxiliary Room (340 CT Route 81). It is FREE to attend. Guests are asked to bring a food item to share.


The event will start with the potluck dinner and be followed by a discussion with The Shoreline Basic Needs Task Force (online at; HOPE Partnership (; Middlesex Habitat for Humanity (; The Connection (, and Middlesex United Way ( These groups focus on food security, household income and employer training, and affordable housing development. They will present the ALICE report specific to Killingworth, and offer ideas and programs to assist individuals within our community. To learn more about previous dinner-and-learn sessions you may reference the article featured on zip06: