Officers 2017-2018

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Current Members

Sandy Allard, Sue Anziano, Eileen Blewett, Jackie Bousquet, Amanda Brackett, Lynn Monahan-Clark, Eileen Cyrus, Jane Delartigue, Nancy Donohue, Donna Fitzgerald, Donna Fornal, Mary Kay Fragola, Andrea Freibauer, Kaye Fung, Lucinda Hogarty, Cathy Iino, Sue LaChance, Christie Laughlin, Kelly Leach, Eileen Leahy, Mary Meixell, Ashley Mooney, Dawn Rees Mooney, Morgan Nairn, Jade Papageorge, Niralee Patel-Lye, Brandy Curtis-Richards, Christen Riedy, Jeanette Russo, Suzanne Sack, Bernadette Schwartz, Sharon Sierota, Amber Stamm, Heather Temple, Joyce Thompson, Laura Traver, Sandy Vasmatics, Jennifer Voegtli, Teri Wojick, Teresa Yocca, Jamie Young

Founding Members: Gena Murray and Mary Ellen Wilson