What we do

Scholarship (Annual)

Each year, a generous dollar amount is set aside to give a worthy, community-minded Killingworth woman (or women) a scholarship as she graduates from high school and heads towards higher education. Criteria include community service, letters of recommendation and an essay topic that we choose each year. Watch for this year’s form beginning in February.

Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention (Ongoing)

In 2013, the Killingworth Women’s Organization launched a Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention (DVAP) campaign as their signature cause. Our efforts include bringing awareness of the problem and its impact on the community, and includes making information on DVAP resources available to our residents and educating the public to develop a better understanding of DVAP and ways to help. We conduct ongoing donation drives to collect items for women and children who are living in safe houses overseen by New Horizons Domestic Violence Services in Middletown. A critical component of our efforts is in making a direct impact in our town as we strive towards establishing a DVAP task force. As such, we are working with town officials, law enforcement and first responders in regard to DVAP-specific training and services that brings (1) appropriate handling and identification of local DVAP incidents, (2) direct and immediate connection of victims of domestic violence to resources, and (3) reduction of DVAP-related fatalities to local residents. The Killingworth Women’s Organization recognizes that domestic violence is unacceptable and that it is a crime in the state of Connecticut.

Relay for Life (Spring)

The idea of fighting cancer speaks for itself. Our primary missions for the event are to raise as much money as possible for the cause, (click here for the Relay for Life home page) and to come together as a group. The H-K Relay team has continuously been one of the top fundraisers in the area. We are proud of our past accomplishments and are honored to be a part of such a momentous event.

Trunk or Treat (Halloween night)

Now an annual event! On a first come, first served basis, we fill the Middle School parking lot with cars that have their trunks full of candy! It’s an amazing way to bring the community together while providing a safe way for local children to “Trick or Treat”. With so many cars, the kids can’t help but walk away with tons of treats. For more information, email info@kwoct.org.

Greg Bousquet Holiday Wish Drive (November)

Each year we honor Gregory Bousquet and his thoughtfulness through the Annual Holiday Wish Drive. The holiday spirit comes to life in all of us as we deliver gifts to members of our community, children and adults alike, who find themselves in need during the holiday season – as well as sending care packages to our service men and women overseas.